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Education Dialogues is a forum for educational sharing and debate through short written or oral communication. Its main aims are to provoke communication and debate around research, teaching, and academic practices; to support scholars’ ongoing sharing of their ideas; and to provide a means of broad dissemination of educational thinking. It represents an extension of the Social Contexts and Policies of Education (SCAPE) blog established in 2022 within the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong.

Core themes

We continue to accept blogs/dialogues/videos/podcasts on any topic but we particularly welcome contributions on the following themes:

  • Academic career development and research impact;
  • Assessment, feedback and higher education pedagogy;
  • Educational inequalities;
  • Generative AI;
  • Higher education in comparative perspective.

Written contributions will generally span 500 to 750 words, excluding references. Oral contributions will generally last 5 to 7 minutes; formats include podcasts, vlogs, Q & A.

Submissions can be made here.

Editorial team

Professor David Carless, Head, SCAPE (
Dr Lily Zeng, Assistant Professor, SCAPE, TALIC (
Dr Ben Richards, Lecturer, SCAPE (
Dr Yanzhen (Julianne) Zhu, Postdoctoral Fellow, SCAPE (
Ms Belinda Zhou, EdD student, SCAPE (
Ms Yolanda Wong, Administrative Coordinator, SCAPE (

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