Congratulations to Dr Hugo Horta and Dr Jisun Jung for being appointed as Editors-in-Chief!

Dr Hugo Horta has been appointed as one of the three Editors-in-Chief of the journal Higher Education (Springer)Higher Education is a leading international journal (5-year impact factor of 2022: 5.2) with interdisciplinary approaches to studying higher education policy, governance, management, teaching and learning. Higher Education provides opportunities for exchanging research results, experience and discussion between researchers, policy-makers, and experts.

Dr Jisun Jung has been appointed as one of the two Executive Editors (Editors-in-Chief) of the journal Higher Education Research & Development (Taylor & Francis). As a leading international journal in higher education (5-year impact factor of 2022: 3.8), the journal publishes scholarly articles that make a significant and original contribution to higher education. It welcomes empirical, theoretical, philosophical and historical articles that address higher education issues.

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